Start Blogging, Keep Blogging

Need a challenge?  Here’s an idea create a blog, and maintain it!

Anyone can make a blog, making a blog is easy. Maintaining it, coming up with topics to blog about that people can relate to, and keeping your readers intrigued is the hard part. Don’t let these thoughts hold you back, allow yourself to be open and to be able to share your thoughts and ideas with your readers. The more you post up to date, the more it shows how serious your blog actually is. If you fail to post every so often you will loose the attention of your readers, and your blog will lack existence. What was the initial purpose of creating the blog then?

“That moment you feel like giving up on blogging or when you don’t have the “time” anymore, remember your initial purpose of creating your blog.”

My advice to bloggers out there, keep blogging. And for those of you who don’t have a blog yet, I recommend you start blogging 😉


2 thoughts on “Start Blogging, Keep Blogging

  1. Hey Zahra ( Shining flower, right? 😉 )
    Welcome to the a social circuit known as “blogging” – the only place you would find “soul”.
    Thank you so much for the “follow” and glad to be following you with eagerness.
    “Unspoken” is one of my fav words… wrote something back there you may like
    Happy blogging !!

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