Why do we ask why?

We are plagued with the fundamental question of all time, for all time. Why?


Everyone has stumbled upon this questioning far more than once in his/her life. It is often very frustrating to not know the answer as to why things are the way they are because of the lack of explanation/reasoning behind it, and there never will be…yet we question why? just straight of curiosity, and to create an explanation/reasoning of some sort.

This questioning lead me to question…Why do we ask why?

Here is my explanation:

Asking why is very critical in life, in decision making, planning or in any brainstorming activity…not to mention the fact it makes you sound so philosophical. Asking why enhances our vision, clarifies a focus and most of all expands our knowledge. Asking why is basically a cycle of obtaining that knowledge; asking why leads to more answers which lead to more questions to ask why and as we keep asking why our answers grow along with our questions and in this process/cycle we learn so much, we gain so much knowledge, and there is never an end to this knowledge because there is always something lacking, something, somewhere where we again approach the question..WHY??!!

I’d also love to hear my readers’ explanation/reasoning as to…

Why do we ask why? …..Why not?






12 thoughts on “Why do we ask why?

  1. smilingtoad says:

    Groovy little write here! Aye, an undying question, forever, eternal may it always be. I think the most wonderful thing about questioning why is it allows our minds to remain open. If I stop questioning why, I start to worry that I think I know it all…and have shut my mind up to possibility, to a whole new perspective, a vastly different concept I’d never before conceived of. Aye, it is our friend through the endless pursuit of understanding, a pursuit that continues throughout our lives, this little question, “Why?” Lovely write!

    • Exactly, you took the words right out of my mouth! Let us continue to ponder through this endless pursuit, and broaden our horizons.
      Thanks for your perspective and comment, much appreciated 🙂

  2. bert0001 says:

    why has two sides. The side most often talked about is creative. But the other side of why is taking your time for no reason and can even make you angry. (have a look here http://whoisbert.wordpress.com/2010/04/03/what-is-worse-breaking-your-shoe-lace-in-the-morning-or-finding-there-is-none/ )

    • Thank you for your comment and giving me a new way of looking at things. Along my way I have come to understand that when things don’t make sense you don’t waste your time trying to make sense out of it, you just find a different approach, a different perspective.

  3. Colourfade says:

    eh….yes,but why 🙂

    fundamentals I think…

  4. iwillbeyourbarricade says:

    Reblogged this on iwillbeyourbarricade ❤ and commented:
    Why do we ask why? Why not?
    Unfortunately, we cannot construct a map to answer the questions “Why?” and “Why not?” These questions, simple as they are, require an unlimited mirroring in our everyday encounters. Our reasoning, when confronted with certain stressors, become illogical and much so, we become selfish and self-centered in order to rationalize in many ways.
    Adolescents travel through different stages in order to reach a mature or immature level of reasoning. We all have the dream to make sense in this world so we somehow balance our multiple perspectives in life. We follow the regulations at home, we obey the rules in school and yet at the end of the day, some of us feel so stupid because we start to question why we behaved. We do not know why we have to be fair tto those who are fair to us. Sometimes, we behave in a manner that resembles the work of a salesperson. We negotiate the terms of a “deal” where the deal does not close until we start to argue with our parents that they should give something in exchange for completing a chore such as doing the dishes or bathing our pet dog. Sometimes, we keep a sense of humor so others won’t perceive us as boring, unaffected and anti-social. But do we all know the exact reasons why we are doing all these? We talk to God about our problems and yet the reason is not clear whether our prayers will be answered or not. And whether they will be answered or not, we again start to question why or why not?
    The map that I talked about earlier does not guarantee the destination that we are seeking. Well, it is comforting to realize that we have a measure in how we are doing but realistically, answering why and why not questions is such a difficult terrain. But as an optimistic individual, I hope this journey will offer me satisfaction because I participated in answering.

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