Be yourself


People all around the world struggle to fit in, struggle to be someone their not, due to this relentless struggle in life they aren’t getting anywhere, because they fail to realize that they are chasing after something that is far within their grasp. If you spend time trying to be someone your not how are you going to be able to show the world who you really are. Don’t over think it, forget perception, and be proud of who you are. If you believe in yourself, you will give others a chance to believe in you.

In today’s age, we dwell in a culture that is starving for authenticity, creativity, a unique personality, someone different. That is why we have the freedom of speech, to speak our mind, to be able to act voluntarily and not be judged.

Sadly many of us don’t actually take this into account, we automatically assume that we are “not good enough” and we try to change ourselves to look better to fit in, but if you are just trying to fit in then you will just be part of the crowd, just another fish in the sea.

People should overcome this fear or this pointless mindset that is holding them back to being themselves. Have courage, make your weakness your strengths and stand out of the crowd not part of it, only you can fill that missing gap the gap that holds your place to show the world where you stand.

Life will become all the more exciting, when you are living for yourself and not how others want you to live.

“Be yourself. Everyone else is already taken” – Oscar Wilde


9 thoughts on “Be yourself

  1. Prashant says:

    The basic necessity for a person is to survive in this fast paced world. What happens in that in this rat race, the genuineness is lost and the credibility of sincerity towards eachother is doubted.
    Being yourself is just the beginning of understanding and respecting your personal worth and this genuineness which has to be cherished.
    Wonderful post !

  2. Tapish Gupta says:

    Great post and awesome quotes!

  3. smilingtoad says:

    Yes! This is a very superb post! Very pertinent. I have been seen so many friends struggle as they chameleonize themselves, and suffer the internal unrest as a result- the monotony and frustration of repressing your true self, of feeling you must conform and change your own unique persona to match the droll of the mainstream crowd, is such a sad and corrosive thing….

    My brother is such a sad depiction of this very thing. He has such beauty and talent, of which he inhumes deep within himself, and the result is despair and never getting anywhere, except deeper into the chasm he is clawing away at every day by stifling his inner beauty. He has no belief in himself, no understanding of what a gorgeous person he is (as we all are). This low self esteem is so doleful…it seems to me we are taught in schools to produce and consume, to be mainstream successes, and become like machines as a result. No balance is taught, and critical thinking and challenging with questions is not too often encouraged. And how bad it is to ever make a mistake…What a solemn and serious future society carves out for us.

    Yes, there is such freedom in being one’s self, and life suddenly becomes exciting and liberating, as suddenly, it becomes your own, it is of your own creating. No one controlling how you act, what you think or feel. You become the artist of your own life. We are all born such artists. We all have stunning qualities to display to the world. Everyone has something to contribute.

    And let us celebrate our “imperfection”! I am riddled with “flaw” and I am grateful, as it provides not only daily laughter at myself, but makes me so much more humble and at ease with the world. I am also able to see that we are all human, we all have our “foibles” of which, I really think of as quite beautiful and fascinating.

    That quote is perfect at the end. What a bloke, Mr. Wilde, who also never conformed. He was never afraid to be himself. What a mind he possessed. It is so disturbing how he was treated for being his own unique person, but he never quit, and his works live on, his brilliant quotes, his poetry, writing and plays, will live on. To think of what we would be deprived of, had Mr. Wilde simply conformed and melted away into the depressed monotony of society.

    Sorry to prattle on. Got me going. (oh dear, I just looked at it, I really did prattle on….) I love your posts. This was such an excellent read! Continue being the wonderful person you are, and the inspiring writer, as you are helping more than you know, I am sure, to also break out of those pesky shells to reveal the true beauty hidden beneath. Thank you!

    -Autty Jade

    • WOW…. Your prattling comment was longer than my post itself! I love hearing your perspective to my reads it broadens my thoughts and I am so thankful of your support and comments. It motivates me to actually continue blogging, and expand my knowledge of the world and its people. Thank You so much again and I look forward to hear more of your feedback! 🙂

  4. iamsofree says:

    wow, for age…wow….
    great words, intelligence, and ….reach for the stars………………

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