Starting a new chapter, Class of 2013!

It is sad to think that my summer has come to an end, today was my first day of my last year at highschool …. finally!! I am quite upset though, time passed by in a blink of an eye and sometimes it feels as if I am running out of time. I am scared, anxious, worried, excited, paranoid, petrified, but I am ready and I am pumped to make this last year my best. Despite my anticipation of a busy year I am looking forward to nailing it down and working to my full potential. There is nothing that will hold me back it is in my control now and I am fully prepared. “Today I close the door to the past, open the door to the future, take a deep breath, step on through and start a new chapter in my life.”



8 thoughts on “Starting a new chapter, Class of 2013!

  1. here’s to stepping through the door into the future… may this be the first of many doors ❀

  2. Congratulations! Your are stepping into a Benevolent Universe! It amy not always seem like it, but if you smile into the world, it will smile back – as I’m sure your have already noticed!
    The stars be with you!

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