Let me breathe


See what losing a pen results to…Take note, don’t loose your pen or you will die!

So here I am back to high school, back to the same daily routine, same school, same people, slightly different schedule, some new teachers, more books, more homework, more tests, more stress, more pressure and soon college applications….. Oh joy! I feel like I am just being chucked at with things to do from every corner so much to juggle and apparently its just the beginning.

Guess what I am thinking … When will it end?! Slow down life, let me breathe please!

Time is going by so fast and barely within my grasp, I am just holding on in hopes of surviving tomorrow and every day that follows. *crossed fingers

Destiny awaits me…..behold!
Good night my fellow blog readers 🙂


14 thoughts on “Let me breathe

  1. xsarahnicolex3 says:

    And think thats just highschool! Just wait until grown up life things are even more hectic. Enjoy it while ya can! 🙂

  2. Tina Liu says:

    How unfortunate! Haha.
    I’ve nominated your wonderful blog for The Super Sweet Blogging Award. Congratulations! For instructions, please visit my blog at http://tinaliu517.wordpress.com/awards/the-super-sweet-blogging-award/.

  3. LAND OF FUN says:

    This is matchless and awesome !

  4. Colourfade says:

    There is an Indian film called “three Idiots”,highly recommended…

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