Life doesn’t wait for you to get back on your feet, you are the one that has to keep moving forward ~Zahra Siddique


The Waiting Game

A Penny's Worth

I’ve often wondered if I’d want to know how much time I had left here on earth. Given the option, would I choose to find out the exact number of sunrises I’d be able to watch? Would I countdown the days, the hours, the minutes, not wasting a moment of what precious time I had left? When you know your days are numbered, I assume, squandering even seconds is more than unwise. 

Isn’t it funny then, that that is exactly what we do. Whether or not we know the exact amount of time we have left, we do know that eventually, it’ll run out. There’s no denying that. Then why do we delude ourselves into thinking that time is an unlimited resource? Why do we convince ourselves that what we didn’t say, what we didn’t do today, we can just as easily do tomorrow? 

More often than not, you can…

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