Simply Complicated


As knowledge increases, complications also increase. Life becomes complicated because we try to understand and make sense out of each and everything we see, feel or hear. We over analyze situations trying to find reasoning behind it. Just let it be. You won’t find the reason behind why? yet…Why Do We Still Ask Why?

Not everyone realizes it, but life is actually very simple. We make it complicated. Not intentionally, but it just so happens that way. Emotions, we develop them. Situations, we create them. Relationships, we indulge in them unfairly. Commitments, we make them. We do it all. We are responsible for our actions, and we are the ones to blame for all the complications we create.

Key to living a simple life is by enjoying it.. to be carefree of any judgments, and living life to the fullest.

Simply Indulge and Embrace life’s complications, its the only way you will get ahead. 


Evoking Sweet Innocence.

Evoking Sweet Innocence

By Zahra Siddique

Failure leads to success,

Soon I will progress.

I am eager to know,

What my future has to show.

Every step I take,

A whole new world I awake.

New doors open,

Through dreams I’ve lived awoken.

Sometimes, when I look back

Retracing my steps through the track,

I can’t help to notice I’ve come a long way

And I am pacing forward everyday.

There are still times where I’d often get lost in the old days,

Lost in my old childish ways;

Still struck by my sweet innocence.